After two losses vítkovice scores points again


On the Czech public holiday on November 17th the runners-up from Vítkovice welcomed to Dubina the players of Kanonýři Kladno. In last two matches they were not very successful and they needed to win if they did not want to lose contact with the top of the chart. However, it was Kladno who after the precise shot of Alois Burian opened the score of this match – 0:1. From the very beginning both teams were playing in fast pace. The home team caught up thanks to the goal of Ondřej Firda. Jan Šebesta then got Vítkovice to the lead when he took advantage of a bounced ball in Kladno goalmouth and after the first period the score was 2:1 for the currently third team in the chart.

1.SC TEMPISH Vítkovice - Kladno 6:5

Jan Šebesta assisted with another goal of the home team when he sent an accurate pass to Marek Matějíček who shot without hesitation – 3:1. Two minutes later Marek Bräuer even increased the margin of Vítkovice. It seemed as if the three-goal margin gave the home players a false sense of security. There were no obvious chances and the game was played mainly in the centre of the playing field. Kladno players got bolder and they decreased the margin to 4:2 thanks to Ondřej Slivka. In the first minute of the last period Vítkovice players increased their lead again when Marcel Jakubec scored his premier goal in the Super League and the difference was three goals again. However, they were not able to keep this promising margin for a long time, in only four minutes Kanonýři Kladno equalled the score to 5:5! The calm third period suddenly changed into a fight for Super League points and Kladno felt a chance to succeed on the playing field of the runners-up of Vítkovice. At the beginning of the 58th minute defender Václav Komačka saved Vítkovice after the assistance of Marek Matějíček. In the final part without a goalkeeper the score did not change and the home players could, after a tight victory 6:5, breathed a sigh of relief. Kladno was more than an equal rival for them.

Comments of Pavel Brus, coach of the home team: Our current performance is influenced by many factors which we work with. Such a victory is more valuable for us than beating somebody decisively. I have high demands on my players and they are fighting with them bravely. This fight will bring us success later. We are looking forward to later...

Comments of Jan Zahalka, coach of the visiting team: Today we were reaching after some points in this match after a quite good performance. In the end, one luckier shot at the end of the match decided in favour of Vítkovice.