Floorball belongs to the most developing sports in the world. In the Czech Republic, it occupies the third place right after the football and ice hockey. We are connected to floorball through a passion for physical activity, action towards the goal and joy of success. To all of you who love floorball as much as we do, we bring a complete equipment. We put stress on the product development and that's also why we joined forces with the professional team of Czech Superleague 1. SC. TEMPISH Vítkovice.

We are on the market with sports equipment since 1994 and we belong to the biggest world producers of roller-skates. To our satisfied customers belong professional racers as well as roller-skater beginners. The development defines our racing collection, experiences and innovations are then expressed on our other products. We want to offer the people who put their trust into TEMPISH roller-skates the best possible value for money. Our products can already be bought in 45 world countries.

We don't get by without skating even in winter, therefore you can also find in our offer ice skates as well as protecting components, helmets, and sports accessories. Our love for wheels is also shown in the skateboard and longboard offer – it's completed by a range of street and freestyle scooters.