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General: Where do i find your terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions can be found here.

General: Whom shall i contact if i want to file a complaint or need service?

In these cases please contact our sales department -

General: I want to become your business partner…

In these cases please contact our sales department -

General: Where can i buy tempish floorball products?

Our products you can buy at eshop, or at our authorized shops.

Floorball: What kind of the floorball stick is the best for me?

Important is your height, skills and also if you want to play an official competition to which is necessary for the stick to have an IFF certification. You can find the complete guide how to choose a floorball stick here.

Floorball: What kind of floorball stick can I play an official competition with?

For the official competition, you need to have an IFF certified floorball stick.

Floorball: What kind of goalkeeper garment is the best for me?

It is necessary to pay bigger attention to choosing the goalkeeper's gear. Some elements are important, some not so much. We prepared a manual for you how to choose this gear. You can find it here.